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Your membership entitles you to your choice of one premium: a Prairie Dog plushie or a 16 ounce Petrified Forest National Park water bottle in assorted colors. It also includes the perks listed below.

Learn where your membership funds go in the Description below.

  • 15% discount at all Petrified Forest Museum Association (PFMA) bookstores. 
  • Special member pricing for Petrified Forest Field Institute classes and guided hiking tours.
  • Your membership card also entitles you to discounts of at least 10% at other association bookstores operated in national parks and monuments across the country
  • Invitations to Petrified Forest Museum Association special events such as author book signings, lectures, field workshops, and special promotions.
  • Free newsletter periodically distributed to members

Please choose one of the following choices. If you prefer not receiving a premium and want the funds to go directly to supporting the park, choose No Premium.

Membership Premium Choices

  • Prairie Dog Plushie. Available only as a membership premium! Prairie Dogs are an important part of the ecosystem at Petrified Forest National Park. Your donation helps in assisting the park to better help manage these critters by way of administering vaccine pellets, providing supplemental food and helping re-settlement in places that they once used to roam!
  • 16 oz Water Bottle. Available only as a membership premium. This translucent bottle is a single-wall construction and comes with a tethered twist-on lid and a wide capacity mouth. Bottle holds 16 fluid ounces. BPA free.

Please choose either the Prairie Dog Plushie or Assorted 16 oz. Water Bottle below. If you prefer not receiving a premium and want the funds to directly support the park, choose No Premium.

  • Prairie Dog Plushie
  • Assorted 16 oz. Water Bottle
  • No Premium
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Funds from the Individual Membership allow us to educate the public about the Prairie Dog Project. The park’s goal of managing a healthy prairie dog population will ultimately help reintroduce the endangered black-footed ferret into Petrified Forest National Park. This includes publishing brochures, pamphlets, and flash drives with videos of the project used for educational purposes.

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Membership Premiums

Prairie Dog Plushie, Assorted 16 oz. Water Bottle, No Premium