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A visit to a rock art site, such as Newspaper Rock, can be awesome and exciting. It provides a very unique experience of seeing intriguing carvings (petroglyphs) and paintings (pictographs) outside the confines of flat walls of a gallery or museum. No artificial light fixtures illuminate the work of these prehistoric individuals, and you stand in the same environment the artist stood as this rock art was created.

As you gaze in awe in this outdoor gallery, several thought come to mind: What is it? How old is it? Who made it? What does it mean?

How can we preserve this last remnant of many preceding cultures?

Petrified Forest is unique in that not only are there many rock art sites within the park, but there are also archaeological artifacts that provide information on inhabitants of this area of Arizona. Although there are archaeological remains from the Basketmaker period (ca. AD 300) the majority of the individual petroglyphs are from Pueblo II and Pueblo III which is approximately 1000 to 1300 AD. The most dense population was 800 to 1400 AD.

(Text by A.J. and Frank Bock)

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