Yei II Counted Cross Stitch Kit: Rugs of the Southwest Series


The “Yei” (pronounced “yea”) is a stylized Navajo diety which came from sandpainting designs of religious healing ceremonies. When used in a rug context, however, the Yei is symbolic and has no specific religious meaning. Will Evans, the trader at Shiprock ( town in the northwest corner of New Mexico on the San Juan River) from 1912–1948, is credited with the development of the style.

The rug has slender, front-facing figures often surrounded by a border-like element, the Rainbow Goddess (a guardian to protect the contents of the space). Often incorporated are cornstalks (one of the 4 sacred plants of the Navajo in addition to squash, tobacco and beans), arrows and feathers.

The Yei rug is different from the Yeibeichi style which characterizes side views of a line of dancers.

Bright colors are often used and the rug lends itself as a wall hanging.

Finished design size: 11′ x 7″

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This kit contains 14 ct. Aida cloth, 6 strand embroidery floss, graph, needle, color photo and instructions. The amount of floss needed has been calculated using 3 strands. If you prefer, you can work the kit using 2 strands, but it will not look as dense. Use the color photo as a guide for stitching.

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Dimensions6 × 8 in