Ten Little Dinosaurs


Ten Little Dinosaurs bounce on the bed. And that’s the least of the trouble they’ll get into in this charming book. On one beautifully illustrated page after the next, groups of thrill-seeking dinosaurs tackle a series of risky adventures. Each time, one leaves the group, and the rhyming countdown continues to the last little dinosaur.

Young dinosaur enthusiasts will be drawn to the catchy rhyme that reinforces counting skills while introducing them to several types of very daring dinosaurs. From nine little Stegosauruses riding on a bike to five little Ankylosauruses playing in the street, these dinosaurs get themselves into a heap of mischief! After the countdown of their crazy antics from ten to one, the geologist makes an alarming discovery!

A glossary of interesting facts about each of the species in the book wraps up this silly story.

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Pages: 24

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