Ancient Forests: A Closer Look at Fossil Wood


Perhaps the most intriguing, beautiful, and informative fossil wood book of all time, exploring the subject with images to illustrate each point — with Scanning Electron Microscope images, digital micro images, macro photographs, and medium format photographs.

Frank Daniels and geologist Dick Dayvault team up to explore the intricacies of fossil wood by leading the reader on an expedition into the micro world of fossil wood mineralization and cell structures. Not just macro and micro images, this book includes hundreds of photographs of some of the most beautiful and interesting petrified wood specimens in the world, including 75 full page specimen photographs.

1600 color photographs, charts, and diagrams, including 438 fossil wood micro images, 40 Geologic Landscapes ™, and 46 thin section micrographs from modern conifers and hardwoods.

Enormous 7 1/2 pound book with 456 11″ x 12″ pages

Specimen photographs from worldwide locations, including numerous woods, cones, ferns, cycads, and short shoots, and including Acrostichum, Araucaria mirabilis, Araucarioxylon, Aurealcaulis moorei, Behuninia provoensis, Calamites, Carpolithus radiatus, Carporichnus bertheorum, Carya, Casuarina, Cupressinoxylon, Cyathodendron texanum, cycadeoid, Dadoxylon, Ginkgo, Grammatopteris, Hermanophyton glismannii, Hermanophyton taylorii, Jensensispermum redmondi, Juglans, Juniperus, Metasequoia, Osmunda, Palmoxylon, Pararaucaria, Pityoxylon, Platanoxylon, Podocarpoxylon, Protoyucca shadishii, Psaronius, Quercus, Rhexoxylon, Schilderia adamanica, Sequoia, Steinerocaulis radiatus, Taxodioxylon, Tempskya, Tietea singularis, Trochodendron, Ulmus, and Woodworthia arizonica.

Fossil wood specimens from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Gondwana, Great Britain, Greece, Indonesia, Malagasy Republic, Pangea, Paraguay, Turkey and Zimbabwe; and from Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming in the United States.

Major chapters address Fossil Wood Structure and Identification, The Process of Wood Transformation to Stone, Fossil Woods from the Western United States and around the World, and 3 Major Museum Collections of Fossil Woods.

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Authors: Frank J. Daniels and Richard D. Dayvault
Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 456

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