Tapamveni: Rock Art Galleries of the Southwest


Tapamveni is a Hopi word that means “hammered mark” or “pounded sign.” These signposts from the ancient inhabitants abound in the region called Palavayu – the area surrounding Petrified Forest National Park in northeastern Arizona. Ekkehart Malotki’s beautifully textured photographs depict over two thousand years of rock art and Patricia McCleery’s stark white-on-black drawings and informative text help bridge the centuries between the regions past and present.

It is my hope that this publication will bring new appreciation for the work of these ancient artisans and underscore the need to preserve and protect this priceless legacy.

—Stewart Udall (Former Secretary of the Interior)

Available in cloth-bound hard copy and high quality paperback.



Author: Patricia McCreery
Photographer: Ekkehart Malotki

Pages: 194

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