Timeless Impressions: A Story in Stone


In the Navajo language, the word for this painted landscape is Halchita, which means “amidst the colors.”

In the heat of the summer, mirages dance across the desert floor. Dust devils whirl through sandy washes. But, here the desert is—at the same time—a forest. Scattered amidst the uninviting landscape are petrified logs—a forest of stone.

This intriguing landscape of canyons, broken mesas and grassy plateaus reveals a buried record of time. Nowhere else on Earth is there a place like the Petrified Forest! Nowhere else is there such a great collection of exposed, colorful fossil trees.

Come; take a video exploration through the Petrified Forest. It’s a story that goes back 225 million years to the dawn of the dinosaurs—here in America’s very real Triassic Park.

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Media: DVD Video
1 Hour Program plus 20 Minute Park Auditorium
Captioned Version
Hi-Fi Stereo – Digitally Mastered

Produced and Directed by Gray Warriner
Made in Cooperation with Petrified Forest National Park
A Production of Camera One Seattle

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Dimensions7.5 × 5.3 × .5 in